How To Stop A Separation

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So, you want to know how to stop a separation, reconcile with your spouse and mend your marriage. During your trial separation did you realized that the love you have for your spouse is as strong as it ever was and that your marriage is still a very important part of your life. So if reconciliation with your spouse is a desired goal here are some suggestions for getting things moving in the correct direction.

Stopping A Separation May Require You Get Over Your Fear of Rejection

But how do you bring about this reconciliation? What are the things that you can do and say to bring back the spark of your marriage? What will your spouse say about your intentions?

Many questions with few answers are running through your mind. And yet you may be afraid to move on any of these possible actions because of the fear of rejection, which may be as painful as the separation itself. Understandably, you will want to avoid more pain and possible humiliation.

But on the other hand you will never be successful in stopping the separation if don’t decide to take a risk and take action on one or more of your ideas! Your first step toward a happy reconciliation is to be courageous even in the face of possible rejection. Stop the negative thoughts, stop thinking ahead about the what ifs and start putting together a plan of action.  You know what your spouse was attracted to in the beginning of your relationship start rekindling that spark and take a chance.  Love is all about taking chances – take this second chance at love!How To Stop A Separation

Stopping A Separation Requires You To Get Moving

When you have conquered your fear of rejection, you can then get moving on the appropriate actions to achieve reconciliation with your spouse. Of course, you should have thought through your course of action and begin with the attitude that you are going to be successful in your reconciliation. Impulsive actions may seem romantic but these can backfire in your face when you have had little time to think of the consequences.

From the very start when you started searching for ways how to stop a separation, you should also start thinking of how your spouse will respond to your request for reconciliation. You once knew know to romance your spouse, so start with that and make every effort to woo them back.

The following are some suggests to stop the separation and save the marriage.  Not all of these actions will be appropriate to your relationship but pick one or two to start with:

• Call your spouse to ask for time to discuss things about your marriage. You will be surprised at the ease with which this can be done despite your initial misgivings. Just don’t get into stalker mode by hanging out at your spouse’s apartment or office complex because this will be counterproductive.
• Start looking at yourself. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect and, thus, you also have a hand in the separation. If you want to know the secret in how to stop a separation and achieve reconciliation, know that the secret lies within yourself. Your spouse may also be doing the same thing maybe even taking the same steps as you are.

• Start working on your differences while also strengthening your commonalities with your spouse. You will realize that in the heat of arguments, you forget that love, respect and trust are still present and that you only need to work on these values again to get your marriage back.

Deep in your heart you know how to stop a separation and save the marriage.  You just have to dig deep and you will find the answers.



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